Mon - May 31, 2004


I'm moving this to a new location.

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Sun - May 30, 2004

Classic Music is Dead (or at least Terminal)

Events have conspired this week to bring up a topic that I find sort of near and dear to my heart and yet simultaneously deeply depressing. That topic is the state of "Classical" music in our modern times. Growing up, my father listened to nothing but Classical music in the same way he read no paper except the New York Times. Once you hear the best, he reasoned, nothing else is interesting.

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Thu - May 20, 2004

I Don't Like Comments

People keep complaining that they can't comment on this blog. This is by design, so get over it.

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Sun - May 16, 2004

P.F. Chang's: Why it's evil.

Places like this represent a new trend in the marketing of what is essentially bad fast food towards a more lucrative audience.

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Sat - May 15, 2004

New Pictures

Here is the next monthly stash

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Mon - April 12, 2004

More Pictures

Here are pictures for March and April

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Sat - March 20, 2004

Digital Picture Workflow

One of the digital photography web sites recently published an article on how Sports Illustrated manages its digital photographs. The piece described the process of shooting and editing 16,000 pictures during the Super Bowl. After reading it, I realized that the workflow that I've come up with for managing my own personal digital pictures is similar to SI.

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Wed - March 17, 2004

Why I don't buy a Silvia, or Ode to La Prima

Home espresso machines are a big business. For a few hundred dollars you can get a machine on par with the stuff that Starbucks is using to make those Venti half-caff double caramel 2 single vanilla machiatto smoothie drinks for the local teenage set. But here is why I'd rather just go to La Prima espresso.

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I told people I'd post links to new pictures here. So here they are.

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Sat - February 28, 2004

XBox Football

I always liked football simulations. The best one from my youth was an old game on the Apple II that was text only where you picked plays and the computer simulated the result. And, who can forget the hand held white Coleco games with the red dots.

Well, football games have come a long way.

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Sun - February 15, 2004


I bought myself an xbox for my birthday 4 or 5 months ago. I've never been a big gamer. Over the last decade or so, I've played the odd shooter game for a while and then stopped again for years at a time. But, I heard that Half-life 2 was going to be coming out soon, and since I don't own a PC, I figured an xbox would be a cheaper way to get that game.

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Mon - January 26, 2004

The Good Old Days

A friend of mine sent me a link to a site that talks
about the development of the original Macintosh.

The site is here:

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Sun - January 18, 2004

My Thoughts on Digital Cameras

I wrote a page that covers my views on digital cameras.
Of course, no one links to it so I'll never get any hits. But there you

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